Congratulations to Tammy Taylor for winning the inaugural Person the Year award from the Snell Select program. Taylor’s devotion to the team in summer 2022 and for her 36 years with Quad Industries led to a nomination from her coworkers for the pillar People First in July. She was nominated and won the Quarter 3 President’s Circle award across all participating companies. In December she received the most votes from all companies’ Fun Committees amongst the year’s President’s Circle winners for all five pillars to win Person of the Year.

Taylor was the first from Quad Industries to earn a High 5. Her original nomination explains:

Even with one arm in a sling she was amazing at the inventory. Tammy coordinated breakfast for everyone and helped everyone get setup. She was the go-to for questions which helped everyone succeed during what could be a stressful task.

Taylor’s July nomination followed implementation of a new inventory model when she led the charge on both information and personal support for the team in this new endeavor. All of her hard work was in spite of having one arm in a sling due to a recent procedure.

Snell Select Program

Launched to Snell Manufacturing companies in June 2022 the Snell Select program offers each company’s employees the chance to nominate a coworker for exemplifying one of the five Core Values pillars: People First, Customer Focused, Community Minded, Environmentally Friendly, and Long-Term Oriented.

Each month a winner is selected from nominees to be a winner of a pillar’s High 5. These monthly winners from each participating company are pooled among all companies and a quarterly winner is selected for each pillar as President’s Circle winner. At the end of the year all President’s Circle winners for all pillars are considered and a single Person of the Year is selected.

As 2022 Person of the Year, Taylor has won a trip for two to Nashville and a Person of the Year award. Congratulations, Tammy, and thank you for exemplifying not just People First but all five pillars of our Core Values.

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