Snell Manufacturing

Our Acquisition

We look to acquire family-owned businesses [FOBs] with a legacy of success. If you’re the owner of a values-driven company looking to sell your business, Snell Manufacturing can safeguard your legacy by combining purpose with profits. 

"We believe family-owned businesses play an outsized role in the economy, a role that is often underestimated."


General Investment Criteria

The Ideal Business:

  • Strong brand equity and business legacy
  • Longevity: 15+ years in operation 
  • Annual revenue = $20m+ revenue
  • EBITDA margin > 15%
  • Consistent track record of stable operations and return 
  • Stable and diversified customer base with high customer retention.
  • Identifiable competitive advantages

The Ideal Owner:

  • Must be looking to retire or exit but not yet have a solidified succession plan.
  • Must be willing to “phase out” financially and operationally over time
  • Must have similar ethical priorities and vision to the Snell Ventures / Manufacturing team

Our Philosophy

We seek to acquire established, reputable companies from owners ready to sell to protect their livelihood, their employees, and the long-term viability of their business. We look to acquire businesses that, if lost, would be sorely missed by their entire community. We acquire companies with the intent for long-term holding of these valuable entities.

Our Process

Snell Manufacturing takes a decentralized approach to ownership. We apply strategic tools and techniques to help scale, grow, and create system collaboration where applicable.  

Our typical process includes:

  • M&A Diligence and Valuation
  • M&A Integration
  • Key Leadership Transition Planning
  • Implementation of Tools and Processes Where Applicable.

Ready to Build Your Legacy?

Our Experts are Ready to Help

When planning to sell your business, you want to partner with a company that cares. Snell Manufacturing is dedicated to the long-term success of every company we acquire. We take steps to protect employees, extending that care to the community by finding ways to give back.  We stay true to your mission and keep any new processes and policies value-aligned. Interested in learning more? We’d love to hear from you.